dimanche 19 novembre 2017

Invest in Second Life

Investing in SL, Today is a subject, I think it is something for the second time. Second Life is one of the many networks in which investors leave their money. Large or small investors, such as the owners of stores, clubs and small sims, of which I will speak in future articles.

Investments in SL are like a small or large laboratory depending on how you see it, with this I mean there is for everyone and everything. Most investors look for a long or short-term gain or an extra gain in RL. Most investors always want instant money, but the truth is that it is not as instantaneous as it seems, because Linden Lab handles a certain range for transactions.
Here you will get more information about this. Don’t forgotten this Link is very important https://community.secondlife.com/knowledgebase/english/billing-r11/. In general, when we touch this topic, we should know that not everything that shines are gold, of course, we have obtained certain benefits and money, but take into account depends on the money you invest and how you invest and thus ensure dividends.

Erienn Bowenford

samedi 18 novembre 2017

New group Gift @ Legendraire - Nouveau cadeau de groupe à Legendaire

(en) Today, ladies, we invite you to go and get this wonderful group gift in the "Legendaire" shop
Beautiful high heel shoe, this pair boot height, will give you style and a look noticed ..

(fr) Aujourd'hui, Mesdames, nous vous proposons d'aller chercher ce magnifique cadeau de groupe dans la boutique "Legendaire"
Magnifique chaussure à talon haut, cette paire à hauteur botte, saura vous donner du style et une allure remarquée ..

vendredi 17 novembre 2017

Gifts for all at Resun Fashion / Cadeaux pour tous à Resun Fashion

(en) That it is good to have small gifts at this time of the year ...
"Resun Fashion" spoils you ladies and gentlemen and does not make jealous!

(fr) Qu'il est bon d'avoir de petits cadeaux en cette période de l'année...
"Resun Fashion" vous gâte Mesdames et Messieurs et ne fait pas de jaloux !

(en) Lory :
Very short and sexy woman leather semi trasparent dress for classic body and mesh bodies (maitreya,Slink physique,hourglass,belleza Freya,venus,Isis,Ebody,TMP)

(fr) Lory :
Soyez une femme fatale avec une robe en cuir transparente très courte et sexy (maitreya, slink physique, sablier, Freya belleza, Vénus, Isis, Ebody, TMP)

(en) Dennis jacket & shirt :
Elegant casual sportswear, open wool gray jacket with a tapered shirt! For classic bodies and mesh    bodies (Adam, Aesthetic, Slink, Tmp)

(fr) Dennis veste et chemise:
Sportswear décontracté et élégant, veste en laine grise ouverte avec une chemise fuselée! Pour les corps classiques et les corps en mesh (Adam, Aesthetic, Slink, Tmp)

jeudi 16 novembre 2017

Special Deliver universe marvel - Second Part

Marvel and DC Comics through their incredible stories take us to unknown, similar turn with what we live in Second Life worlds.
Here the continuation of the story line of these two titans of Comics.

1951. Atlas becomes Timely Comics.
1956 Completes Golden Age of Comic with a clear dominance of DC. the Silver age silver in which Marvel will prevail, giving clear signs of change and histrionics in his characters begins.
1960. Debut of The Justice League Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter.
1961. Fantastic 4, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. 1962. Spiderman, Hulk and Iron Man, created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, atlas has greater relevance and importance, ie rises as a company.
1963 appear the X Men, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The Atlas Company was renamed
1966. Black Panther Marvel history first black superhero.
1971 Stan Lee, published three adventures of Spider Man related to drug use without the CCA seal.
1976. National Periodical Publication adopts the name of DC. It appears the first crossover Superman by DC and Marvel Spider Man. Here these two companies measure their strength to a colossal level because everyone wants to reach the pinnacle of success with their creations.
1978 Superman movie premiere
1985. DC publishes Saga Crisis on Infinite Earths to reorganize their universe, so think DC gain more followers, reaching unique adventures propose the protagonists of their publications.
1986. Launch of Batman, The Dark Gentleman Return of Frank Miller.
1989. Time Warner buys DC and Ronald Perelman, Revlon takes over Marvel Entertainment.
1997. Marvel for bankruptcy.
1998. Avi Arad and Isaac Pelmuter, take control of Marvel, the first bet you out of the crisis leading to film the characters in his company.
2000. Joe Quesada Marvel undertakes renewal. Blade's success is paramount for X Men is film, Singer.

2001. Special issue of Spider Man in Memory of the Victims of September 11th.
2002. Spider Man comes to the movies and collects more than $ 400 million. Marvel and DC intensify their battle
2004.  Spider Man 2 is released $ 783 million at the box office.
2007.  Spider Man 3 reaches $ 890 million at the box office.
2008.  Premiere Batman The Dark Knight, a film that comes to the Oscars.
2012.  Premiere Batman The Dark Knight Ascends and The Avengers.
2013.  Premiere Iron Man 3.
2015.  Reaches Giant Screen Avengers Age of Ultron The.
2016.  Batman VS Superman: Dawn of Justice and Captain America Civil War. 

Erienn Bowenford

mercredi 15 novembre 2017

Rose sunglasses - French Vintage Couture

(en) Like the vintage and retro style ?
So enjoy the spectacle Pink Sunglasses ! Particular and elongated diamond-set to give you an unrivaled look!
Available in 8 colors

(fr) Vous aimez le style vintage et rétro ? 
Alors admirez les lunettes Rose Sunglasses ! Une forme particulière et allongée sertie de diamants pour vous conférer un look inégalable!
Existe en 8 coloris

mardi 14 novembre 2017

News at Birth

(en) Ladies and gentlemen, we invite you to discover the extraordinary news releases of the famous skin brand "Birth"

(fr) Mesdames, Messieurs, nous vous invitons à découvrir les extraordinaires nouveautés de la très célèbre marque de skin "Birth"

(en) All sorts of sugar and spice at this year's Candy Fair 2017.
We have the pretty Mary Catwa applier with starry ornate eyeshadow.
Each skin tone has different coloured makeup.

(fr) Toutes sortes de sucre et d'épices à Candy Fair 2017 cette année.
Nous avons la jolie Mary Catwa avec un fard à paupières orné d'étoiles.
Chaque skin a un maquillage coloré différent.

(en) Mens eyebrow appliers @ Ebento and Hipster Men's:
Two eyebrow appliers brimming with charms. White so you can tint it,
Compatible with Omega, Catwa and Signature heads

(fr) Applier Ebento et Hipster Men's de sourcils pour hommes
Deux appliers à sourcils débordant de charmes. Blanc pour que vous puissiez le teinter,
Compatible avec les têtes Omega, Catwa et Signature.

lundi 13 novembre 2017

Fashion contest about Veteran's Day / Concours de mode autour du thème la journée des vétérans

(en) L'Amour Productions Presents :
40th Pazzo Style Challenge
Theme: Veteran's Day Your Way
When:   Saturday November 18, 2017
Time: 10:00 a.m. slt, ( Models there by 9:30)

It's a challenge to honor or vets.  So you will do Veteran's Day your way which leaves it very open for creative.
You will be judged on your attention to the theme, your styling, and how well your poses and walk work with your outfit and the theme.
You will need 4 poses and the walk will be explained that morning.
The winner will be given an assortment of prizes including a photo in L'Amour Diversity Magazine with a short write up.

Any questions, please contact Rienna Rieko-Thorn or Ava Jhamin in game

(fr) L'Amour Productions présente:
40ème Défi de Style Pazzo
Thème: La journée des vétérans vu par vos yeux
Quand: Samedi 18 novembre 2017
Heure: 10:00 a.m slt ( les models doivent être présents à 9:30 a.m slt)

C'est un défi  qui met à l'honneur les vétérants. Sur cette thématique, soyez le plus créatif possible.
Vous serez jugé sur le respect du thème, le style, vos poses et l'harmonie entre le thème et votre allure générale?
Vous aurez besoin d'avoir 4 poses et la "chorégraphie" du défilé vous sera expliqué le matin même.
Le gagnant recevra un assortiment de prix incluant une photo dans le magazine L'Amour Diversity avec une brève description.

Pour toutes questions, merci de contacter Rienna Rieko-Thorn ou Ava Jhamin dans le jeu.

dimanche 12 novembre 2017

Denver shoes at A&D Clothing

(en) Far from the sands of the desert, these ankle shoes in fine grain leather and steel detailing are more about style than marching.  

(fr) Loin des sables du désert, ces chaussures montantes en cuir présentent de très jolis détails.
Ayez du style à vos pieds.

samedi 11 novembre 2017

New Releases & Gift - Prism

(en) Welcome to the world of "Prism", a place where refinement, precision and modernity rub shoulders...
(fr) Bienvenu dans l'univers de "Prism", un monde où se cotoie raffinement, précision et modernité...


(en) Close to nature and magic, you will be completely seduced by this unique and original outfit.
Sexy and atypical, become the new goddess of nature.

(fr) Proche de la nature et de la féérie, vous serez complètement séduite par cette tenue unique et originale.
Sexy et atypique , devenez la nouvelle déésse de la nature.


(en) A stunning two - piece clubbing attire with that features a spectrum of colors that literally radiate through the wings and outfits.  You won't believe this till you try it.  This is how it will look

(fr) Une superbe tenue clubbing deux pièces avec un éventail de couleurs qui rayonnent littéralement à travers les ailes. Vous ne le croirez pas jusqu'à ce que vous l'essayiez. Appréciez cette tenue extraordinaire.

Group Gift

(en) A wonderful group gift with this refined outfit and very precise details.
Rare enough to meet gifts of this quality.

(fr) Un magnifique cadeau de groupe avec cette tenue raffinée et aux détails très précis.
Assez rare de rencontrer des cadeaux de cette qualité.

vendredi 10 novembre 2017

Christmas Market / Marche de Noel

(en) The cold has taken its place in our daily life, the first snowflakes are appearing, the scent of the end of the year festivities begins to s'humum...
It's time for the first Christmas markets !!!
We invite you to come walk in a fairy and magical Christmas and come make your first purchases before the crowd...

(fr) Le froid a pris sa place dans notre quotidien, les premiers flocons de neige font leur apparition, le parfum des fêtes de fin d'année commence à s'humer....
C'est l'heure des premiers marchés de Noël !!!
Nous vous invitons donc a venir vous promener dans un cadre féérique et magique de Noël et venir faire vos premiers achats avant les premiers bains de foule...

jeudi 9 novembre 2017

Your blog in social networks and in the secondlife

I will begin by describing what a Blog is: A blog is like a clear diary. This has to do as you want to show it to the public, blogs usually contain a lot of thematic information, such as Personal, Fair, Politics, Fashion and everything you want. Show the public, there are no rules, you put the rules. The important thing in your blog is that every time you generate this content is of high quality and interest, in this way you will always have an audience, you will not always have thousands of visitors, but if you manage to position your blog well, you will see. Here at this point is where the so-called social networks start working ahhh I forgot to take into account that a blog is also a social network. They are Internet sites formed by communities that, like Blogs, have common interests.

Social networks play an important role now in our daily life of Second Life, since many of us are governed by these, I do not say that they control our lives, but it can happen. Through social networks we can communicate in thousands of ways and ways, conventional or not, that we know innumerable people, communities, situations and emotions that maybe we had not lived before, anyway. The digital age changed the world and also changed us. In all its forms, Second Life is an extension of Real Life although many say it is not. But it is the raw and cruel truth.

Erienn Bowenford

mercredi 8 novembre 2017

New Release - Samantha Dress - French Vintage Couture

(en) Cocktail or evening, Samantha is the ideal outfit to charm the assembly !
Comprised of a lace bustier and a long skirt with ruffles, this dress will be your partner for the biggest occasions.
Remove the ruffles, and now play your charms....
Available in 5 colors.

(fr) De cocktail ou de soirée, Samantha est la tenue idéale pour charmer l'assemblée !
Composée d'un bustier en dentelle et d'une longue jupe à volants superposés, cette robe sera votre partenaire pourles plus grandes occasions.
Retirer les volants, et jouer maintenant de vos charmes....
Disponible en 5 couleurs.

mardi 7 novembre 2017

Project Bento in Secondlife

Fashion in Second Life, I know before writing about this topic, but today I do not just want to talk about fashion, which means that fashion is not just clothes, but also everything that people want and what they live and work for……

Fashions: Clothes, Beauty, Home, Family, Work, Study....

This is only day to day.
We always want to look better, or at least feel better than others. Throughout history, this is what makes us powerful, but in reality it is only fashion, since fashion governs in many: people, groups in general. Now the new thing in SL is the bento fashion, which is bento. The Bento Project is an update of the Second Life Avatar Skeleton, which is what allows Second Life Avatars to move and come to life, as well as allowing the creation of more real and intricate tiled mesh accessories. Obviously, it is now working very well in Second Life.

The bento project includes : Head, Hands, Feet and Body, but not only is this what the creators want to show, create and sell in Second Life, they also want to sell products designed for this kind of forms, so to speak.

Erienn Bowenford

lundi 6 novembre 2017

Gift & Sales at Mooh / Cadeau et promotions à Mooh

(en) Group gift for November 
Also a great outfit with top in 8 mix and match colors and ripped black jeans to match !

(fr) Cadeau de groupe pour le mois de Novembre
Superbe tenue composée d’un top de 8 couleurs différentes et d’un jean noir déchiré.

(en) Tammy short : 50% Discount on this article on Nov 3 - Nov 16 in the mainstore.
Only 99L$.

(fr) Tammy short : 50% de réduction sur cet article du 3 au 16 novembre dans le magasin principal.
Seulement 99L$.

(en) Rosie sweater : 40% Group members discount Nov 3 - Nov 16 in the main store.
Only 99L$ (don’t forget to wear your tag).

(fr) Rosie sweater : 40% de réduction pour les membres du groupe du 3 au 16 novembre dans le magasin principal.
Seulement 99 L$ (N’oubliez pas de porter votre tag).

dimanche 5 novembre 2017

Exclusive gift ENIIPose / Cadeau exclusif d'ENIIPose

(en) An original friendly pose for successful photos
Special GIFT 10L 
Exclusive for SpotLight

(fr) Une pause amicale originale pour des photos réussies
Spécial CADEAU à 10L$
Exclusif pour effet projecteur

samedi 4 novembre 2017

Anahita Dress - New Release - French Vintage Couture

(en) Elegance and refinement for this straight tube dress reworked with a nice fur!
Accompanied by his hat, play the style of originality and class!
Available in 3 colors.

(fr) Elégance et raffinement pour cette robe tube droite rehuassée d'une jolie fourrure !
Accompagné de son chapeau, jouez le style de l'originalité et de la classe !
Disponible en 3 couleurs.

mercredi 5 avril 2017

Be creative / Soyez créatif

Dress :
Tiphaine Dress - Pink - French Vintage Couture

Skin :
Jana Skin - Birth 

Shape :
Angela Shape - French Vintage Couture

Hair :
Nova - Lelutka

Lipstick :
Sensuality Lipstick - n°4 - French Vintage Couture

dimanche 2 avril 2017

French Vintage Couture - New Landmark

After a few months of absence, French Vintage Couture opens its doors again ...

You want to become a blogger for French Vintage couture, please fill in the application here